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Charlene A. Berry


Who I Am

What I Believe

What I Believe

Charlene A. Berry lives in New Jersey and is a wife and a mother. She is a  Social Worker, professional writer and a teacher of the gospel. Charlene has been writing for over two decades and it has been a life-long passion for her. She has authored several books that are based on romance and the love of Christ. Charlene's latest book, "You Are Worth It - 50 Days of  Inspiration That Will Change Your Life" is set for release this year in 2020. This book is a compilation of refreshing daily devotions that promote  spiritual healing and direction to jumpstart your day.


What I Believe

What I Believe

What I Believe

As a firm believer of the Lord Jesus Christ, we all have been given an opportunity to live our lives out loud in God. It's time that you know just how much you are loved through the wonderful abundant life of Jesus Christ. Do you realize how much power is packed within you and how every moment of your life is spiritually guided by the finished work of Jesus and the cross? Your life is extraordinarily blessed by God, the Father of all creation. He desires that you enjoy the free gift of salvation through His ever increasing grace, tender mercies, and love towards you.

 This is your time to live out loud for Jesus--on purpose!


What I Do

What I Believe

What I Do

"As a writer who ministers the inspired word of God, and as a published author and Social Worker, I do what comes naturally--I help heal by words and by deeds. Knowing and speaking the right words can change a life, so does extending viable resources to those who want a better life." Charlene currently is a student of Biblical Studies and she serves as the Coordinator of the Discover Class and Spiritual Development at her local church where she inspires, equips, and leads others in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Charlene is also the Senior Editor of Link2Us Magazine and is an Alumni of Seton Hall University where she received her degree in Social Work.

Books Published by Charlene A. Berry

Whatever the circumstance, just know "You Are Worth It!"


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For Your Reading Pleasure

Now that I  completed my first devotional "You Are Worth It - 50 Days of Inspiration That Will Change Your Life", I like to share just a small part with you and hope you can help me to further God's great commission.  

Here is an Excerpt: 

"Welcome to You Are Worth It-50 Days of Biblical Inspiration, a daily devotional book for your mind, body, and spirit! Here's a question for you, "How well do you believe you are living your best life?" 

On a scale from 1 to 5 would you consider your life to be above, below, or somewhere in between of where you would like it to be? On the other hand, perhaps you may think that your life couldn’t get any better. 

Well guess what, it can! Wherever you are in life, there is always more room for growth and progress, especially when your life is rooted in Christ. Colossians 1:16 reminds us, "…all things have been created through him and for him."  Sure, we all have cares and concerns, some a little more than others, but you don't have to care so much. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were confident in believing the biblical principle of “casting your cares.

1 Peter 5:7 reminds us to, “Cast your cares (anxieties, worries) on God, for he cares for you," we would then be able to put our focus back on where it belongs--on Jesus.  What you care about the most, God cares about even more, all because your life is worth it. What you will experience within the pages of this book are 5 simple steps to a life-changing freedom that can only be found in God’s limitless love, irreversible grace, and generous mercies.

Get ready to take a journey that will transform the way you see yourself in your own eyes, compared to how God sees you through his eyes.  You will surely come to know God in a more active, dynamic, and loving way.

Step 1   -  Believing (Believing that God Exists)
Step 2   -  Knowing (Know That God Is For You)
Step 3   -  Seeking (Seek God For Yourself Through Jesus Christ)
Step 4   -  Speaking (Speak To God In Your Own Language)
Step 5   -  Experiencing (Experience God’s Love and Faithfulness Towards You)

--End of Excerpt

With your help, it is my prayer that I will be able to bless as many individuals here and abroad, who want to know the gospel but are not able to because of their culture, or lack of Bibles and other hope-filled literature.  This is where you come in and help with this endeavor to share the gospel with the world with me. I am asking for your financial  support to help get as many books into the hands of people all over the world, who have never heard or read the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your donation can help do that. This is your chance to do something great for others, as well as for the Kingdom of  God; because after all, we are all worth it. 

Thank you. I do appreciate your help in spreading the gospel to the world with me through my Gofundme Campaign https://m.gofund.me/sharing-the-gospel-with-the-world

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--Charlene A. Berry

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